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Welcome to RAWX!

RAWX is an altcoin cryptocurrency exchange with a strong community element to it.

RAWX is a new exchange with new management that is extended from mcxNOW and aims to continue its way in being fast, easy and clean.

Latest news

Maintenance / Update: We're up again

Aug. 23, 2016


We are currently down for maintenance. We estimate to be up and running again in about 15 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

Update: We are up again. You might need to refresh your cache or use until your cache has cleared.

New Trading UI

Aug. 7, 2016


Today we finished implementing and installing a new trading UI.

It features

  • Much cleaner interface
  • Estimated values based on the current order book
  • Two way calculations
    • Enter how much you want to sell and get the return value
    • Enter how much you want to buy and get the amount you'll have to spend
    • Both considering the current order book
  • Live updates considering changes in the order book

Dogecoin on RAWX

July 31, 2016


Since today you can trade Dogecoin (DOGE) on RAWX.

The number of decimals is 10 as opposed to 8 like it is on most exchanges. This allows for more price steps in between and hence a more precise BTC:DOGE trading.